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I had this beautiful home for Elizabeth of Raleigh Court under contract in 21 hours. I am grateful to have helped her find her new home and be her buyer’s agent for it as well. Get the Experience. There’s only one. Call or Text Anytime 540-314-5583 for Frazier Hughes!

Under contract in 6 days!

I just listed this beautiful home in Salem. 6 Days Later? Wow it went Fast! Get the Experience. Make the Call 540-314-5583. Also, if you love positive energy in your life, the call will be even better than selling your home!

I’m The Buyer’s Agent For 3730 Winding Way

I’m The Buyer’s Agent This Month For 3730 Winding Way.

In order for my client to purchase this home It was contingent on them selling their house which I’m also the selling agent for them and had it under contract and 21 hours.

Sell Or Buy Your Home With Me. Get the right home and buy and sell and the right price that puts leverage in your wallet. Get The Experience.

Call or Text Anytime 540-314-5583 and Hughes it, Don’t Lose it. 👍


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