The Golden Ticket

Do you have The Golden Ticket? – Hughes it or Lose it? #hughesorlose

Today is Good

Today is good and here is why… Hughes it #hughesorlose

10 Things To Drop In Your Life Right Now!

These are great and you will need help. If you do not have someone else in your life, mentor, counselor, a support group of some type, it will be hard for you to change your life. Now some of these you can do and MOST YOU WILL NEED HELP. You are not alone. EVER. –…


I’ve always admired Henry Ford and how he created the V8 engine (see story below) and is determination to never give up… just like this video. – Hughes it #hugheorlose #henryford #sales Perhaps one person in every hundred thousand knows the secret of Ford’s success, and those who do know are too modest, or too reluctant, to…