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roa collegevpsThere is a production group here in town called VPS. I really admire them. They have some extremely big clients here: Kroger, Advance Autoparts, just to name a few. Now Roanoke is a smaller market so the work I can get is limited. I refuse to leave my children for a big market where I know I could get plenty of work: commercials, voiceovers, etc. So, I do what I can here. I met Robyn Vaughn through facebook. She is very sweet and down to earth. She works in production for VPS and has acted as well. She has seen my site and knows my extensive background and said she would consider me for work when the opportunity came about for talent like me. She is my “agent” here in Roanoke. I am not limited to her but grateful for the opportunity. *Yesterday I auditioned for a voiceover for Roanoke College. I was happy with my read. I believe she was too. Keep the faith. Dreams do come true. -Frazier

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