7 Signs Your’e A Rebound – Hughes it or Lose it?

  Your friends warn you that your new relationship might be a rebound, as your date’s last relationship didn’t end all that long ago. Here are a few things to look for if you suspect you might be a rebound.   Bitterness   Everyone has baggage. But if your date is known to mutter, “AllContinue reading “7 Signs Your’e A Rebound – Hughes it or Lose it?”

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Belly Button Piercings

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My Latest Podcast -Seasonal Depression

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I just graduated from The Dale Carnegie Course in Roanoke Virginia. Here is my Diploma, the great people I took it with, and testimonials! TESTIMONIALS Related articles to Dale Carnegie (find out more) http://va.dalecarnegie.com/ The Dale Carnegie Course (frazierhughes.com) Famous Dale Carnegie Graduate (frazierhughes.com) Dale Carnegie’s human-relations principles. (catalyst4pc.wordpress.com)