33 Easy Ways to Avoid Stress in 2016

Here is a great article I found by … BY GEOFFREY JAMES  Contributing editor, Inc.com A set of quick tips to keep your stress level low and your productivity high.*Hughes it. 1. Avoid stressed-out people. The “mirror neurons” in your brain make stress contagious. This takes place at a physiological level, so as far as possible,Continue reading “33 Easy Ways to Avoid Stress in 2016”

10 Relaxation Techniques That Zap Stress Fast

From WebMD “As mentioned on my radio show!” – HUGHES IT Relax. You deserve it, it’s good for you, and it takes less time than you think. You don’t need a spa weekend or a retreat. Each of these stress-relieving tips can get you from OMG to om in less than 15 minutes. 1. MeditateContinue reading “10 Relaxation Techniques That Zap Stress Fast”