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I now hold the record for selling this home for the highest price in this Roanoke neighborhood! I am thankful because not only does this increase the value of the neighborhood but I also love our city! Story: I drove the area, studied the comps, and met with my client dicussed our price. Dynamic marketing …


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I’m The Buyer’s Agent For 3730 Winding Way

I’m The Buyer’s Agent This Month For 3730 Winding Way. In order for my client to purchase this home It was contingent on them selling their house which I’m also the selling agent for them and had it under contract and 21 hours. Sell Or Buy Your Home With Me. Get the right home and …


"Man these cookies are good." I thought to myself. I think I actually ate 10 of them. In fact please do not tell anyone but I also wrapped up 3 in a napkin and put them in my jacket pocket and unwrapped them carefully like jewelry I'd stolen from someone's safe inside their home. They …