When it comes to changing ourselves a lot of us look to the outside for instant gratification. Here are some the things that people look for to make them happy: Money Relationships Work While all of these things are needed in our life and our important true happiness comes from the inside because if weContinue reading “IT’S AN INSIDE JOB”

Being True To Yourself

Are you true to yourself? Think about it? Do you hang with other people just to get their approval? For many of us this can fall into several categories. Let’s break it down: Work: many of us are at a job we don’t like. Fortunately, I enjoy training people and watching them change, motivating them toContinue reading “Being True To Yourself”

6 Promises You Should Make to Yourself and Keep Forever

Here is an article I say Hughes it to! It is from Marc and Angel Hack Life. Check out their site for other valuable life learning lessons at 6 Promises You Should Make to Yourself and Keep Forever Life is not all rainbows and butterflies. It can be tough sometimes. And you’ve paid aContinue reading “6 Promises You Should Make to Yourself and Keep Forever”