ARE YOU GUILTY OF MAKING ASSUMPTIONS? – Hughes it or Lose it? Great sales advice here….

The Golden Ticket

Do you have The Golden Ticket? – Hughes it or Lose it? #hughesorlose

What’s the Difference between failure and success in Salespeople?

What’s the difference between failure and success in salespeople? – Hughes it or Use It? by  Jeffrey Gitomer 1. Believe you can. I wanna be a success! I wanna be a success! 2. Have the right associations. Network where the best customers and prospects go. 3. Expose yourself to what’s new. If you’re not learning…


GRATITUDE – HUGHES IT or LOSE IT? *After watching this video I make a short list of things I am grateful for. It will make you feel happier.

Build Credibility

Going on a Sales Call? Here’s a good way to build credibility. – Hughes it

8 Ways To Detox After A Rough Work Week

8 Ways to Detox After a Rough Work Week – HUGHES IT Don’t let the 9-to-5 grind kill your weekend vibe. It’s been a week. The early mornings and late nights at the office have meshed into one big blur. Your body aches. So does your mind. So when you leave work in a haze…

Money Is An Outcome

If you want to do well in sales, you’ve got to put the customer first. – Hughes it by ANTHONY IANNARINO Everybody wants more money. Most people are not willing to do what it takes to make more money. And the people who want money the most are often mistaken about what they need to…

Value Over Price

If you are in sales and build enough value price doesn’t matter especially when it’s Valentine’s Day. – Hughes it!