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Can You Look At Yourself Closely?

The last words of the video may describe your whole life and what is needed most for a positive change. – Hughes it

Over Thinking

It really is possible to over think. It causes a lot of stress. You can change your thinking at any time. – Hughes it or Lose it?


The terrestrial planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth...
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Some Say Planet Earth Is The Insane Asylum of The Universe…

Teach me how to live in this world.
Give me the strength to travel lightly.

I use what I need and release all else….


Positive Thinking

Seekins dogs
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An Indian came to a medicine man and told him, “In my mind there are two dogs fighting all the time; one is beautiful and one is ugly. ”

“The beautiful one will win, ” answered the shaman.

“Why is that? ” asked the brave.

“Because you will feed the beautiful one. ”