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Instant Results – Hughes it or Lose it?

Here in Ohio, we’ve had some snow and ice. Because I am teaching my two teenage daughters to drive, I want more snow and ice. The best way to learn how to drive in snow and ice is to go to a big open parking lot and slide around.

When you are sliding on ice, it’s important to keep the wheel turned in the direction of your slide and your foot off the brake. It’s scary when you’re sliding until the wheels catch. You keep sliding for a while even though you are doing everything right.

This is true in other areas of your life, too. In sales, you can be doing everything right and still not yet achieving the results you need. You are spending a third of your timeprospecting. You are nurturing the relationships you need inside your dream client by feeding them value. You are following up consistently. Maybe you are even spending some time each week on your personal and professional development and improving your business acumen.

Because you are sliding in the wrong direction, you might think you need to change everything, try something new, or do something that would seem to make more sense. A lot of the time, you just need to keep the wheel turned long enough to get some traction.

This morning I received an email from a consultant who promises his clients “instant results.” Most of the results you want and need couldn’t be obtained instantly. You can’t get rich quick, and you can’t lose weight fast.

Longer term, sustainable results are the results of doing the right thing, which always includes a few fundamentals that most people find unpleasant, over a long period of time.

  • Do you have your steering wheel turned in the right direction?
  • Have you kept it that way long enough for the wheels to finally grab and begin to move you in the direction you want to go?

You Own It

You own it… – Hughes it

by Anthony Iannarino

You own it.

You own the decisions you make about what you choose to do with your time. You also own your decision as to what you choose not to do. You are as responsible for what gets done as you are for what doesn’t get done.
You own the decision about when you do what you do. You also own a decision not to do something at some particular time. You are responsible for when something gets done, and your responsible for the things that you don’t get done.
You own the commitments you make to other people. You also own the implied commitments that you made without having said anything. You own the explicit promises you make and the promises that were implied or inferred.
Your success is yours, too. You own it. But if you own your successes, then you also own your failures. What goes right is yours, and so is what goes wrong.
The results you produce are yours, good or bad. If they are not what you want them to be, then you have to make the necessary changes to produce the results you want.


Killer Quotes

As you know if you follow me on Facebook, I love quotes! I love leadership and motivational quotes the most. And love quotes…

One of my favorite motivators is Anthony Robbins. Check his best quotes in this cool video. – Hughes it or Lose it?


When it comes to customer service the first key in any job whether it is at Mc Donald’s or as The CEO of a major corporation is smiling.  In fact if you are not smiling you are not becoming a friendlier person and you are pushing not just customers but strangers away too.  Practice smiling more and you will see a difference for sure. Here is what will happen:

  • Customers will be drawn to you and want to come back for more
  • Employees will feel appreciated
  • Strangers will want to talk to you

Hughes it.

Smiling is Good Energy!
Smiling is Good Energy!


Dale Carnegie Courses

Dale Carnegie
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The Courses I Sell!

Williamsburg -Begins January 30th
Richmond -Begins January 31st
Roanoke -Begins January 30th
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Richmond -Begins March 12th
Roanoke -Begins May 1st
West Va – TBA
Richmond -Begins January 24th
Roanoke -Begins March 20th
High Impact Presentations
Richmond – Begins Thursday Feb 2nd-3rd
Roanoke -TBA (FEB or MAR)
Richmond -Begins March 5th

There’s a great chance your life will be changed.

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