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Who's Listening?

Are We Younger Than Our Age? – Hughes it or Lose it?


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Speedos – Hughes it or Lose it?


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The Hughes it Or Lose it? Radio Show – Listen To “Single Moms”


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How To Miss A Childhood

How To Miss A Childhood

Can You Put Down Your Phone When With Your Kids? – Hughes it Or Lose it?

How Old Is Too Old For Mom To Do Laundry? -Hughes it Or Lose it?


Pour some Tide on me. Okay, you’ve moved out of the house and your Mother still does your laundry. Maybe you still live in the house. Either way, how old is too old for your Mom to do you laundry? What if she really enjoys doing it? What if you don’t have a washer machine? Isn’t this what moms are for? It’s another Hughes it or Lose it?
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Watch “Marriage Counseling -Before Getting Married!” on YouTube

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