@Hugh3sNews… “You Won’t Believe (well yes you will) What Micheal Irvin Said!”

Michael Irvin is really proud of being a Pro Football Hall of Famer. Anytime a guy brags like this… you gotta take a shot at him! The former Dallas Cowboys receiver recounted his memories of his 2007 Hall of Fame induction this week. Irvin said he was so proud of his yellow Hall of FameContinue reading “@Hugh3sNews… “You Won’t Believe (well yes you will) What Micheal Irvin Said!””

@Hugh3sNews August 2010

It’s Hugh3sNews with TV Talent (Since 1996) FrazierHughes.com: The New Blackberry, The Bachelorette, Goodbye Paperbacks, Gay Marriage, And More! From A Closet, w/No Makeup, A Pink Jacket On, and A Huge Pillow Behind Him… Doing it better than any talent in your city or his! *For Hire/Right Now!

@Hugh3sNews “Barnes and Noble for sale.”

This is a sign of times to come. Hardback sales are good but paperback sales ate down… Barnes and Noble stocks are down too. So, the company is up for sale. Will your Newspaper be next? YES. Posted from WordPress for Android for Talent FrazierHughes.com

@Hugh3sNews “Tired of your Blackberry’s Battery Running Out? Try This…”

Okay, you may think the Blackberry Phone Holder looks Nerdy. Well, it does. But I found out yesterday at the AT&T Store by one of it employees that it does serve a purpose. Not only does it hold your Blackberry with a Clip to your waist but it also has a Magnet inside that preservesContinue reading “@Hugh3sNews “Tired of your Blackberry’s Battery Running Out? Try This…””