Dale Carnegie



30 Years ago it was acceptable to pick up a random stranger from the side of the road and give them a ride. Would you do it today? It’s another Hughes it Or Lose it? with TV Talent FrazierHughes.com! *For Hire http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hitchhiking WATCH THE VIDEO WITH FRAZIER Related Articles BBC launch new version of HitchhikersContinue reading “Hitchhikers”

Chilean Miners

    What a Thrill to see all of the Chilean Miners rescued from the mine in Chile. Can you imagine being underground for 77 days? This led me to post the question on my Facebook page. Look at all of the great answers: FraZier Hughes If I was stuck underground for 77 Days, I’d want________when IContinue reading “Chilean Miners”

Hughes it Or Lose It? “Virginia Techs New Drinking Policy.”

I’m not for or against it but is it Fair? …… http://www.collegiatetimes.com/stories/15715/virginia-techs-new-drinking-policy-is-unfair- Posted from WordPress for Android by frazierhughes.com

@hugh3snews “Goodbye Foursquare?” Now facebook allows you to check in…

Wednesday, Facebook plunged into the ocation-based services market in a long- awaited move that should further popularize such mobile “check-in” services and establish Facebook as the leading player. Facebook Places lets mobile device owners with Facebook accounts share their exact ocation and find the whereabouts of their friends. The free service, starting to roll outContinue reading “@hugh3snews “Goodbye Foursquare?” Now facebook allows you to check in…”

@Hugh3sNews Tanning Salons Next To Ciggeratte Stores!

It’s a Hugh3sNews Exclusive with TV Talent (Since 1996) FrazierHughes.com: Tanning Beds and Ciggeratte Stores Next to Each Other. Both have the same result!