The Dale Carnegie Course

As some of you may or may not know, I no longer sell rides… I IMPACT LIVES. Here are two participants inside of The Dale Carnegie Course I am also taking. It’s amazingly powerful. Related Articles Famous Dale Carnegie Graduate ( Dale Carnegie’s human-relations principles. ( The Power Of Smiles ( How To Win FriendsContinue reading “The Dale Carnegie Course”

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I got started in 1996 while in The Radio Business And I still Emcee Events. This was at The Hotel Roanoke for a private party. It was fun and my first time being Elvis. Amazing reception. Could he be the most recognizable figure in the History of The United States?


I WISH YOU AN AWESOME HALLOWEEN!     Related Articles Trick or Treat Going Social [Tricks Inside!] ( TREAT, NO TRICK: Pumpkins for politicos ( Pumpking ( The 20 Best Cities for Trick-or-Treating ( Best Trick-or-Treat Cities ( Trick or Treat map for North Seattle ( YoVille Trick-Or-Treat Giveaway – Earn items from your wishlistContinue reading “TRICK OR TREAT?”


I JUST RECORDED THIS FOR A HAUNTED HOUSE IN SANDUSKY, OHIO…. Here is just a snippet! Recognize The Name? TV, Emcee For All Events, Voiceovers SINCE 1996 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::See Latest Work Here & Resume My Most Recent Emcee Event ::::: ::::: ::::: :::::: :::: See One Of My Infomercials Related Articles Ripley’sContinue reading “I DO HAUNTED HOUSE VOICE OVERS”

Great Halloween Voice Overs… I do them too.

I’ve done voiceovers since 1996. This is a dry read (just a snippet) unproduced for a Haunted House on The West Coast. They will add their own music, sound effects, and if needed I can do it for them. Related Articles 8 reviews of The gathering darkness ( 4 reviews of Kansas ( For SentimentalContinue reading “Great Halloween Voice Overs… I do them too.”