GRATITUDE – HUGHES IT or LOSE IT? *After watching this video I make a short list of things I am grateful for. It will make you feel happier.

10 Common Negotiation Mistakes

Pitfalls to Avoid When Sealing a Deal My biggest challenge at times is Listening. Which one of these 10 applies to you? HUGHES IT OR LOSE IT? Don’t assume something’s non-negotiable. All successful managers need to negotiate, whether it’s to hammer out the terms of a contract, to gain people’s agreement in a meeting, or…


One of my employees at work is always positive! He’s always smiling, never complains, and has a great upbeat attitude. It stands out big time. Now I know why. He lives by this writing by Charles Swindoll he shared with me he has up at his desk. – Hughes it ATTITUDE The longer I live,…

Instant Results

Instant Results – Hughes it or Lose it? Article by ANTHONY IANNARINO Here in Ohio, we’ve had some snow and ice. Because I am teaching my two teenage daughters to drive, I want more snow and ice. The best way to learn how to drive in snow and ice is to go to a big open…

One Of My Favorite Quotes

I always wondered why the salesman who I was just as talented as who worked harder than me always got so lucky…. – Hughes it

Sales Urgency

Why Is There No Sense of Urgency With Customer Follow Up? Frazier’s Grandpa Huey Over 80 Years Old And Still Rock’n tells you more here! – Hughes it Watch The Video Now!