Money Is An Outcome

If you want to do well in sales, you’ve got to put the customer first. – Hughes it by ANTHONY IANNARINO Everybody wants more money. Most people are not willing to do what it takes to make more money. And the people who want money the most are often mistaken about what they need toContinue reading “Money Is An Outcome”


As some of you know my job is the hiring and training manager for SFI’s call centers in Roanoke Virginia and Johnson City Tennessee. I recently visited The Security Force call center in Raleigh North Carolina and made a video to motivate their employees. Whether you work in customer service or not I am sureContinue reading “BEST CALL CENTER VIDEO”


When it comes to customer service the first key in any job whether it is at Mc Donald’s or as The CEO of a major corporation is smiling.  In fact if you are not smiling you are not becoming a friendlier person and you are pushing not just customers but strangers away too.  Practice smilingContinue reading “Smile”


I love sales. It is a chance to help others. Many times when sales people fall short it is because they hear “I want to speak to my spouse” and they give up on the sale immediately instead of pitching the product to the spouse. All sales professionals agree you should pitch your product toContinue reading “SPEAK TO MY SPOUSE”

Hughes it Or Lose it? (click here)

From the back of a 1951 $85,000 Suburban asks you a very important question about Customer Service.
If you are in SALES, you will want to answer it!

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