Selection. If you or your business needs a little energy, Dale Carnegie has a selection of courses that will give you Powerful Results! Contact Frazier today to ask about which one will fit you best! (CAN YOU FEEL IT?) Click The Bars For More Information! Related Articles Famous Dale Carnegie Graduate ( How To WinContinue reading “NEED SOME ENERGY?”

Working Sick

Does Your Boss Need Help? (

Car Sales

I sell Cars in Roanoke, Virginia at I’ve sold to hundreds of happy customers. Here’s my latest. He’s a paint and body man at Berglund Chevrolet. He’s one of the best in the business. He said he could paint flames on my car for $1,500-$4,000.  Are you my next customer?   Related Articles Chevrolet,Continue reading “Car Sales”

Great Halloween Voice Overs… I do them too.

I’ve done voiceovers since 1996. This is a dry read (just a snippet) unproduced for a Haunted House on The West Coast. They will add their own music, sound effects, and if needed I can do it for them. Related Articles 8 reviews of The gathering darkness ( 4 reviews of Kansas ( For SentimentalContinue reading “Great Halloween Voice Overs… I do them too.”

@Hugh3sNews “Are Your Meetings At Work A Waste of Time?”

Since I am in Car Sales, it’s important for me and my coworkers to have meetings with my Manager to discuss potential customers. In fact I enjoy it because it helps to increase my sales… But not everybody feels this way. In Fact 49% of the public think they are a waste of time….