The Hughes it Or Lose it? Radio Show – Listen To “Single Moms”

Listen To “A Tribute To Single Moms”

Most Recent Emcee Event

My Most Recent Emcee Event Was Saturday (not as Elvis) for a Japan Relief Benefit. 7 Bands. It was put on by 16 Blocks Magazine & Kirk Music Hall. I met a lot of great people. Hart and Tyler of 16 Block are awesome open minded people. It was at the Sanctuary — 1217 Maple Avenue RoanokeContinue reading “Most Recent Emcee Event”


30 Years ago it was acceptable to pick up a random stranger from the side of the road and give them a ride. Would you do it today? It’s another Hughes it Or Lose it? with TV Talent! *For Hire WATCH THE VIDEO WITH FRAZIER Related Articles BBC launch new version of HitchhikersContinue reading “Hitchhikers”


Select, Don’t Settle REGARDLESS, IF YOU ARE BUYING A CAR FROM ME OR MAKING A DECISION ABOUT WHAT KEY TO TURN IN YOUR OWN LIFE… It is not what you ask for that is appalling; what is appalling is what you settle for. — Alan Cohen MIXED with Related Articles Affirmations Create Positive EnergyContinue reading “YOUR LIFE…”


I WISH YOU AN AWESOME HALLOWEEN!     Related Articles Trick or Treat Going Social [Tricks Inside!] ( TREAT, NO TRICK: Pumpkins for politicos ( Pumpking ( The 20 Best Cities for Trick-or-Treating ( Best Trick-or-Treat Cities ( Trick or Treat map for North Seattle ( YoVille Trick-Or-Treat Giveaway – Earn items from your wishlistContinue reading “TRICK OR TREAT?”

Dale Carnegie Secrets To Success

Dale Carnegie E book. This is good stuff! Related Articles 7 Must Read Success Lessons from Dale Carnegie (’s book giveaway & iPhone app ( Things I Learned This Week – #42 ( Survival Guides to Get You Through the End Times ( Wisdom or waffle? ( Increase Happiness in Your Life ImmediatlyContinue reading “Dale Carnegie Secrets To Success”

I Sell Cars

Here is my latest Customer I’ve sold a car to. Coach Darby from Glenvar High in Salem Virginia! I sell cars….     Related Articles Make a Six Figure Income Selling Car, I Did, You Can Too! ( Sell Your Used Car for Free With New Service from Car Press ( Car thefts down byContinue reading “I Sell Cars”

My Customers

I sell cars too. Here are my most recent customers. Need A Ride? Hughes your Guy?! Related Articles How to haggle when buying a car ( Make a Six Figure Income Selling Car, I Did, You Can Too! ( Used Car 101: How to Haggle ( Let your Customers Stir the Pot ( For customers,Continue reading “My Customers”

@Hugh3sNews “Are Your Meetings At Work A Waste of Time?”

Since I am in Car Sales, it’s important for me and my coworkers to have meetings with my Manager to discuss potential customers. In fact I enjoy it because it helps to increase my sales… But not everybody feels this way. In Fact 49% of the public think they are a waste of time….