@Hugh3sNews “Assisted Suicide?” U For It?

kingsthings: Dr. Jack Kevorkian is on tonight. What’s your take on physician assisted suicide?


@Hugh3sNews “Bigfoot Siting… What? This Guy Must Be Wacked…”

WDBJ7: WDBJ7 North Carolina man calls 911 to report Bigfoot is in his yard: Big Foot sightings have been reported in that… http://bit.ly/bQuXcA

@Hugh3sNews (follow via twitter) “Human Heads Found In Southwest Airlines Cargo Area!

I tried to find a pic of a Human Head for This Story and The Best I could Do Was Barry Bonds…

CHICAGO/NEW YORK, June 17 (Reuters) – Officials in Arkansas are investigating a shipment of 40 to 60 human heads found by Southwest Airlines (LUV.N) employees at a cargo facility last week in Little Rock, the Pulaski County coroner said on Thursday.

The shipment of three separate containers was discovered last Wednesday at the facility after employees saw the package was “not labeled properly,” Southwest spokeswoman Ashley Rogers said.

Employees opened the box last Wednesday evening, found the heads and contacted local police, who turned the heads over to the local coroner.

“They were basically in plastic containers with lids that are not air sealed,” Coroner Garland Camper said. “They were duct taped with minimal information to disclose what was inside.”

The heads were being shipped to a Medtronic Inc (MDT.N) facility in Fort Worth, Texas. They were for educational training for neurosurgeons studying ear, nose and throat procedures, said Medtronic spokesman Brian Henry.

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