@Hugh3sNews “Here is what a Smoker’s Lungs looks like.”

This is what a Smokers Lungs look like.

I used to smoke. Camel Lights, hard pack. Did it 5 years. Quit over 18 years ago, thank god. I run into people all the time that are still smoking since I quit and it’s amazing how it’s damaged their body; skin especially. What you can’t see… is Their Lungs.

You can quit.

@Hugh3sNews “Miami Dolphin Player Loses $50,000 Earring During Practice.”

What do you think?

Athletes and Bling. Personally, I don’t think Football Players should be allowed to wear Earrings while playing football.  I just think it gives off a bad vibe to young kids… It’s a STATUS thing, look at me. You know what I mean?

So, check this out… Dolphins ( I hope you are not a Miami Fan) DE Kendall Langford lost a 2.5 Carat Diamond earring at practice yesterday valued at get this… $50,000. Gosh, most people can barely afford to pay their mortgage and this is just one earring!

Here’s the story out of Florida..

DAVIE, Fla. (AP) — The Miami Dolphins’ practice fields have a hidden gem.

Several players crawled across the grass after practice Tuesday — not due to exhaustion, but because they were looking for a diamond earring.

Defensive end Kendall Langford said he forgot to take his earrings out before practice and lost one of them during drills. He said the diamond was nearly 2.5 carats, which is why he was still on the field an hour after practice scanning the grass.

At least nine teammates helped. Some were on hands and knees, and a couple used rakes to comb through the turf. They had a lot of ground to cover, because the Dolphins practice on two fields.

One jewelry distributor said the earring could be worth more than $50,000.

From the Associated Press

@hugh3snews “Goodbye Foursquare?” Now facebook allows you to check in…


Wednesday, Facebook plunged into the ocation-based services market in a long- awaited move that should further popularize such mobile “check-in” services and establish Facebook as the leading player. Facebook Places lets mobile device owners with Facebook accounts share their exact ocation and find the whereabouts of their friends. The free service, starting to roll out now, can be accessed from iPhone, iPod Touch, Android devices, BlackBerry Torch and the iPad.

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