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Paying College Athletes

Great Article From The Sport Digest Should Student-Athletes Get Paid? Several issues are involved in the heated debate on whether student-athletes should be paid by their institutions for their athletic services. Some believe that student-athletes receive more than enough compensation through their awarded scholarships. Others believe that student-athletes should be rewarded for hard work andContinue reading “Paying College Athletes”


Selection. If you or your business needs a little energy, Dale Carnegie has a selection of courses that will give you Powerful Results! Contact Frazier today to ask about which one will fit you best! (CAN YOU FEEL IT?) Click The Bars For More Information! Related Articles Famous Dale Carnegie Graduate (frazierhughes.com) How To WinContinue reading “NEED SOME ENERGY?”

10 Tips to Get Better Sleep

Is it my caffeine intake? Food? Frazier wants to make it easier to get a good night’s sleep every night with these simple steps. Cut caffeine. Simply put, caffeine can keep you awake. It can stay in your body longer than you might think – the effects of caffeine can take as long as eightContinue reading “10 Tips to Get Better Sleep”

In The Moment

Are you living in the moment? I know sometimes I don’t! When you do, you find more peace in every area of your life. You are able to enjoy those around you more. But what about At Work? If you feel overwhelmed with projects or responsibilities, ask yourself, “What do I really need to attendContinue reading “In The Moment”

Breast Milk

YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS…. OK, MAYBE YOU WILL! From A Crappy Webcam, It’s another Hughes it Or Lose it? With TV Talent FrazierHughes.com!

Dale Carnegie

Now in sales for … All Walks Of Life I am grateful to be a part of changing people’s outlook on life! Related Articles Dale Carnegie Secrets – How To Get Girls or Guys To Like You (pickupyourdating.wordpress.com) Dealing with people who won’t listen to you (surfingbutterfly.wordpress.com)



The Drive Thru

HUGHES it OR LOSE it?   WATCH VIDEO, LEAVE OPINION. WHO LOVES YOU? -fRaZiEr Related Articles EMCEE-TV TALENT SINCE 1996 frazierhughes.com Your Attitude Affects your Driving! (chicagonow.com)