Recently at The Dale Carnegie Convention In San Diego California we unveiled our new Sales Course “Jump Start Your Sales Success” with Jeffrey Gitomer (more information http://bit.ly/rS9Ivu). Part of the course includes “Confidence Karaoke”. I did it with 4 other members of Dale Carnegie in front of 1,000 people! Increase your sales, improve your life, take a Dale Carnegie Course! http://va.dalecarnegie.com/

Dale Carnegie Testimonials

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My Dale Carnegie Course

I just graduated from The Dale Carnegie Course in Roanoke Virginia. Here is my Diploma, the great people I took it with, and testimonials! TESTIMONIALS Related articles to Dale Carnegie (find out more) http://va.dalecarnegie.com/ The Dale Carnegie Course (frazierhughes.com) Famous Dale Carnegie Graduate (frazierhughes.com) Dale Carnegie’s human-relations principles. (catalyst4pc.wordpress.com)

Most Recent Emcee Event

My Most Recent Emcee Event Was Saturday (not as Elvis) for a Japan Relief Benefit. 7 Bands. It was put on by 16 Blocks Magazine & Kirk Music Hall. I met a lot of great people. Hart and Tyler of 16 Block are awesome open minded people. It was at the Sanctuary — 1217 Maple Avenue RoanokeContinue reading “Most Recent Emcee Event”


Selection. If you or your business needs a little energy, Dale Carnegie has a selection of courses that will give you Powerful Results! Contact Frazier today to ask about which one will fit you best! (CAN YOU FEEL IT?) Click The Bars For More Information! Related Articles Famous Dale Carnegie Graduate (frazierhughes.com) How To WinContinue reading “NEED SOME ENERGY?”

Dale Carnegie

Now in sales for … All Walks Of Life I am grateful to be a part of changing people’s outlook on life! Related Articles Dale Carnegie Secrets – How To Get Girls or Guys To Like You (pickupyourdating.wordpress.com) Dealing with people who won’t listen to you (surfingbutterfly.wordpress.com)


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Does Your Boss Need Help? (frazierhughes.com)