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one year anniversary

The Frazier Hughes Experience Realtor is feeling optimistic at Quick Fix Real Estate LLC.

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Today is my One Year Anniversary here. I remember discussing the details Christmas Eve last year. When I was first hired it was a major learning curve for me. I did not want to admit to anyone I was scared & nervous. Fear of Failing grasped my hand. I prevailed. I found Problems Are Just Hidden Opportunities and Success Is Achieved When You Keep Trying.

I have helped the company purchase properties in Roanoke, Richmond, Raleigh, Charlotte, and Tampa! I have been in $7,000 homes and $600,000 homes here. I have visited every neighborhood in Roanoke and I am proud to know the people and give them The Experience.

I thank Michael Cox and Malcolm K. Douglas for the opportunity and teaching me how to be a better Salesman.

There are two ways to sell your home with me. Here for cash, as is, close in 43 days or list it with me as I am a realtor with Keller Williams Roanoke.

One thing for sure is “The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement” and I am excited for what the future holds. Working On A Positive Mindset Brings Us Success.

All the best,

Frazier Hughes

List with me


Man these cookies are good.” I thought to myself. I think I actually ate 10 of them. In fact please do not tell anyone but I also wrapped up 3 in a napkin and put them in my jacket pocket and unwrapped them carefully like jewelry I’d stolen from someone’s safe inside their home. They were precious to me and each bite I savored as my mouth watered like a dog craving water on a one hundred degree Summer day.

How do you make these cookies? I asked everyone at our annual family get together? Does anyone know? My Uncle Graham gave me the answer. He told me it was Stewart.

They say everything in life happens for a reason. There are a couple of things about Stewart. One: he appears to be the most successful man in the room and I wanted to speak with him and hand him my business card but how? Two: I was not sure if he was nice person. He seemed to be, I was a little nervous of rejection. Would he be nice? Would he treat me well?

I made the move… I sat down next to Stewart and found a compassionate man who I told that I was in love with his cookies. As Dale Carnegies says “speak to the other person’s interests not about you.” And told me how my mother gave him the recipe for the cookies years ago and he has tweaked it. He had made over 250 that weekend.

How do you make your cookies better? Here are my notes:

  • Use Land O’lakes Unsalted Butter
  • Do not let the butter boil in microwave as it will take water out to make cookies softer
  • Use real ginger
  • Roll in sugar
  • And the list goes on…

I handed him my business card and asked him to email the recipe. Now let’s get back to how That Everything In Life Happens For A Reason.. as I wanted to speak with him and tell him I am in real estate and if you need me or know anyone that does, please take my card. Now he has my card. It shows I am in real estate. Now when he emails me we can connect, have small talk, build our relationship, and I now have the golden jewel recipe to the best ginger cookies in world.

Moral of the story…

Remember that everything in life happens for a reason. It really does. Answers are coming to you from others by means of cookies when you least expect it. Do not judge a book by it’s cover as people who appear to be one way are usually the exact opposite. Last but not least, If you ask for the cookie recipe, your chances increase of getting the love, giving the love, and getting the sale.

Sell your home with me and enjoy the cookies. Call or text anytime for free advice: 540-314-5583


Frazier Hughes