The crazy thing is, I’ll list the house and I have had an offer on it before people have even walked into it. True story of one is my most recent sales here in The Roanoke Valley. Roanoke Real Estate is doing better than ever.

Over 83% of Frazier Hughes Homes Selling

In July there was an 18% increase in average sale price, our average that’s in about the upper $200’s.

It’s really important as well if you see a house on the market and are curious why it hasn’t sold in a couple weeks and typically it’s either overpriced a little, or it’s overpriced! Price makes a huge difference when it comes to listing your home so be ready to adjust it in this demanding market.

Here’s a quick snapshot and you can tell our area compared to the rest of the country is doing excellent. Need to list your home here in The Roanoke Virginia Area? Call or Text Anytime 540-314-5583 Frazier Hughes.

The Experience is Real: Need to sell or find your home in the Roanoke Area? I’m here make a difference. Find your home’s value now. Feel free to msg or call or text me anytime at 540-314-5583.

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Podcast Episode #9

LISTEN NOW TO THE ROANOKE REAL ESTATE PODCAST. ✨🎤 🌳 On this episode, when it comes to your house a tree can be a beautiful thing unless it’s just hanging out in the wrong place and Brown Hound Tree Service give us tips, scenarios, and ways to play it safe around your roof, plumbing, and getting ready to list your home as well so it’s standing tall!

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Message me to sell or find yours! I am here to help and in your corner 24-7. Grateful to hear from you at 540-314-5583. The Experience is Real.
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Homeowner’s Insurance Tips

Water in the home, trees, & types of policies & much more on The Roanoke Real Estate Podcast. Here’s part of my interview with Bill Meador. He’s a pro when it comes to homeowner’s insurance. Click the link below ⤵️ to listen 🎙
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🏡Are you feeling a little anxious about the current state of real estate?🏡⁣⁣⁣
Take a deep breath and remind yourself of three things:⁣⁣⁣

  1. Single-family home prices typically continue to rise even during a recession. 📈⁣⁣⁣ Roanoke is doing excellent right now!
  2. The housing market’s low level of sales inventory means property values will remain sturdy throughout market fluctuations. 💪⁣⁣⁣
  3. I am always a call, text, or DM away to answer any questions or help make your life easier in any way that I can. 👂👀👍⁣⁣
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WHY CHOOSE ME? Get results, dynamic marketing, with a pricing professional. I was recruited by the CEO of Keller Williams a few years ago after being salesman of the year at Berglund Luxury of Roanoke due to my salesmanship which includes Dale Carnegie Training, excellent communication skills, and being published in two magazines showcasing my dynamic marketing skills. I am a former radio personality of 7 radio stations starting in Atlanta including locally WROV, WJJS, Magic FM, K92, Fox Radio 910, which led me to Podcast Host of The Roanoke Real Estate Podcast. I have performed Comparative Market Analysis of homes in Florida, Raleigh, Charlotte, Richmond, and most importantly Roanoke and our entire SW Va Region and been in almost every neighborhood within a 30 mile radius of Roanoke. I know the people, love our city and most importantly will provide you a positive, fun, stress free, open minded, in your court any hour of the day experience. The Frazier Hughes Experience. Call or Text Anytime 540-314-5583 or message me. I am grateful to help you.


Interesting statistic about getting your home ready to sell it shows that 71% of realtors say to throw a fresh coat of paint on the front door you’ll hear these tips and more on the latest podcast episode number four in the Roanoke real estate podcast look for the link below to listen now!

If you need to sell your home and get results or find your next home make the call to Frazier today 540-324-5583

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I now hold the record for selling this home for the highest price in this Roanoke neighborhood! I am thankful because not only does this increase the value of the neighborhood but I also love our city!

Story: I drove the area, studied the comps, and met with my client dicussed our price. Dynamic marketing and amazing pictures went into effect. Offers flew in! Another satisfied customer! Need to sell or find a home? Message and Call or Text Anytime 540-314-5583 and I am here to serve you! There’s only one Experience. #tfe #TheFrazierHughesExperience REALTOR®️ #DaleCarnegie



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A little Nervous to venture out of the house to go look at your future home? No problem. Get The Experience for a different approach. Call or Text Anytime 540-314-5583 and Hughes it don’t Lose it. #TheFrazierHughesExperience REALTOR®️ #DaleCarnegie #virtualtours #sellyourhome #listingagent #roanokeva