Remember when I sold cars? Well, when I was salesman of the year in 2017 at Berglund Luxury, I sold hundreds of cars. I never shed a tear when I saw you drove off. I apologize. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited for you and really appreciated your business.

But… There is something different about selling houses. When I see someone find a place to live with their family (or alone), I feel emotional. I feel accomplished. I feel a sense of happiness and gratitude for them I have not felt before in sales. 

Just like the Kanes. I sold their home and was the realtor for their new home. As they got in their car at closing, tears came to my eyes. It was not about the money, it was about their happiness and new beginning. I appreciate being a realtor. Happy Thanksgiving, Frazier PS – Thank you for all of your support (it means the world) and thinking of me when it comes to selling and finding your home. The Experience is Real.

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