WHY CHOOSE ME? Get results, dynamic marketing, with a pricing professional. I was recruited by the CEO of Keller Williams a few years ago after being salesman of the year at Berglund Luxury of Roanoke due to my salesmanship which includes Dale Carnegie Training, excellent communication skills, and being published in two magazines showcasing my dynamic marketing skills. I am a former radio personality of 7 radio stations starting in Atlanta including locally WROV, WJJS, Magic FM, K92, Fox Radio 910, which led me to Podcast Host of The Roanoke Real Estate Podcast. I have performed Comparative Market Analysis of homes in Florida, Raleigh, Charlotte, Richmond, and most importantly Roanoke and our entire SW Va Region and been in almost every neighborhood within a 30 mile radius of Roanoke. I know the people, love our city and most importantly will provide you a positive, fun, stress free, open minded, in your court any hour of the day experience. The Frazier Hughes Experience. Call or Text Anytime 540-314-5583 or message me. I am grateful to help you.

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