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4 Small Habits That Can Instantly Make You More Energetic and Productive

Everything we do on a daily basis affects our mental energy in some form or fashion. Deciding what to wear, what to eat, what route to take to work, and what order to return your calls in are just a few of the many forms of how our mental energy is used.

In a time where we’re pushing ourselves more than ever and constantly on the search for any type of competitive edge for success, many often forget to maximize their mental energy. Instead of searching externally for hacks and tactics, it’s vital to start internally when it comes to our mental energy.

For the longest of times, I paid very little attention to mental energy. With that said, it was no coincidence that I was overly-stressed and anxious often times when it came time to work.

As an entrepreneur, your mental energy is critical to your success in business because not only is your cognition affected but your emotions are attached as well which leads to your specific behaviors and habits on a daily basis.

When it comes to boosting your mental energy levels while lowering the amount of stress in your life, start with these four simple habits.

1. Audit yourself daily.

Without proper self-awareness of your life, installing new strategies is essentially shooting targets in the dark which leads to a low hit completion.

The easiest way to start the self-auditing process is to begin a daily mindfulness practice where you’ll take notice of when and what makes your energy head south. This allows you to take precise action on alleviating the energy drainers.

When I did this, one of my biggest drainers was the people I was associating with. I discovered that I was fairly sensitive to picking up on people’s energy which in my circumstance lead to negativity and decreased productivity.

With this knowledge in mind, I simply decreased my time around my negative environments. By no coincidence, my productivity skyrocketed.

Throughout your day, take periodic timeouts to assess your energy. If you feel off, review what’s occurred the last few hours as possible suspects to draining your energy. Continue to do this all day and then review at night to make adjustments.

2. Master your mornings.

Morning rituals are popular for good reason. They, combined with exercising for as little as ten minutes possess the power to supercharge your productivity and mood, which leads to a higher performing version of yourself.

One key way to master your mornings and generate energy is to wake up early and seek morning light out. This improves your sleep and helps provide energy to get your day going.

Waking up early and establishing an effective morning ritual doesn’t require any sort of complexity. In fact, 20 minutes of the right four habits can set the tone for your day.

3. Master your nights.

The quality of actions you take at night dictates the quality of your sleep, which ultimately plays a key role in your energy levels for the next day.

Prioritize getting quality sleep through limiting your exposure to blue light and going to bed at the same time each night. You’re probably ambitious, with a lot going on through the day–meaning sleep is sometimes difficult because you have so much on your mind.

As I’ve learned, when that’s the case, journaling to dump all of your excess mental baggage before bed will do wonders. Committing to something as simple as writing down five things you’re grateful for can help ease some potential tension.

4. Be precise with your actions.

Adopting this habit was tough for me. I love the act of achieving and marking things off a checklist.

The thing is, I learned that not all actions are created equal. The goal isn’t just to do a lot of random tasks. The goal is to execute with precision on a few essential tasks that move the needle forward in a big way.

Taking a bunch of random actions and hustling without purpose doesn’t lead to desirable results. It only leads to frustration, poor health, and lethargy.

Sometimes, it’s best to be contrarian and not do what everyone else is doing. In that case, slowing down, cutting the checklist in half, and taking breaks are just what you need to keep progressing forward. Working in a state of randomness is mentally exhausting. It leads to you spinning your wheels with nothing to show for your efforts.

Instead of attempting to conquer the world by doing everything, identify the three big rocks of the day that will move you forward the most and prioritize those. You only have a finite amount of energy each day, so use it wisely.Published on: Feb 28, 2018

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