does your job make you happy??

SELL YOUR HOUSE WITH ME. I’D SELL IT FOR FREE IF I COULD AND THAT’S THE QUESTION YOU MUST ASK YOURSELF… Would you do you job for free because you love it? Read below and Hughes it or Lose it??

Get happiness out of your work,
or you may never know what happiness is. — Elbert Hubbard In a classic Woody Allen scene in the movie What’s New, Pussy-cat? Woody meets a friend on a Paris street and tells him he has just gotten a new job helping the lovely dancers of the Folies Bergere to get dressed before their performances. “How much is the pay? ” asks his friend. “Twenty sous per week, ” answers Allen. “Twenty sous per week? That’s next to nothing! ” the friend chides him. “I know, ” Woody answers. “But it was all I could afford. ”

You know you are in your right job when you have a sneaky feeling you should be paying someone for the opportunity to do it. While this does not mean you need to pay to do it (indeed, the universe will pay you to be in your right place), it points to the truth that right livelihood blesses the giver of a service as much as the receiver. If you’re searching for your right livelihood or evaluating your current work in light of your vision, a good question to ask is, “What would I be doing even if I weren’t getting paid for it? ” What turns you on so much that you would do it for sheer delight? That is the arrow to follow toward work that will bring you joy as well as prosperity. Prosperity is not a level of income; it is a consciousness.

If you are happy, productive, and giving service in a profession, you are living in the abundance consciousness. This attitude will move you to produce quality work and draw to you plentiful good in the form of money or other material support. When you do what you do not love, you affirm that the universe cannot provide you with joyful livelihood, and that compromise is required of a divine being.

The universe will also mirror this attitude if you hold it. I receive as much from writing and teaching as do the readers or stu–dents. Even if no one ever reads what I write, it would still be entirely worth writing it. Work from your heart, and the universe will work for you.

From Cohen, Alan. and The Book… A Deep Breath of Life

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