Being True To Yourself

Are you true to yourself? Think about it? Do you hang with other people just to get their approval? For many of us this can fall into several categories.

Let’s break it down:

  • Work: many of us are at a job we don’t like. Fortunately, I enjoy training people and watching them change, motivating them to be their best. This is my raw talent. What is your raw talent & are you using it? If so, does it bring you joy? Follow what feeds your spirit and soul and the money will come. You’ve only got one life.
  • Love I cannot tell you how many people are in relationships that they should not be just because they want the other person’s approval. I am guilty of this as well. It is normal to want approval but to love the other person more than you love yourself and abandon yourself and your values is unhealthy? Are you true to yourself in your relationship or just a puppet?
  • Your Friends My father once said to me when I was in preschool “You will only have a few people in life you can call true friends.” How true it is. Are your friends your real friends or just mannequins standing still who seem to care but don’t and you just hang around them to impress them? Real friends give you good solid advice and don’t co-sign your lies, they help you be real and are understanding and there for you. They are not takers.

It can be scary to follow your dreams. Failure is certain as you will stumble along the way but the payoff is HUGE. And when you are true to yourself and express how you really feel, it can be scary. This brings you true peace and fear as when you tell someone what you really feel.

In both cases you face rejection and in both cases you face pain but it will all make you stronger as you (I hope you do) learn from your valleys for at the top of the mountain, you are closer to being to the peak of Being True to Yourself.

Questions: Why am I in a job I don’t like & not using my raw talent? Why am I not speaking up with my partner? And why do I not tell my friends (or hang with them) how I really feel?

By #hughesorlose

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