I love sales. It is a chance to help others. Many times when sales people fall short it is because they hear “I want to speak to my spouse” and they give up on the sale immediately instead of pitching the product to the spouse. All sales professionals agree you should pitch your product to the spouse at this moment and not wait. 

Here is what the Savor Success Blog says, HUGHES IT:

You are just about to close a sale and she says, “Well, I have to discuss it with my husband before I can move forward.” 

Your shoulders droop and you think it’s over.  Another sale lost.  Before you lose faith, there are some great ways to handle this objection.

As soon as the buyer gives you any indication they are “not going to buy right now” your job as a seller (if you want to share the benefits of your product or service AND get paid for it) begins.  Sorry, but that is the way it works. 

 Customers need you to help them make the decision.  That is why it isn’t selling, it’s serving.


Some reasons why they want to talk to their husband:

1. they want to end the conversation (doubt it)

2. they want to put the responsibility of the decision on someone else

3. they have a “spending” agreement with their spouse

4. they want more time to think about it (this means they don’t see the true value or are scared)

5. they want his buy-in or validation for making a good decision

6. any combination of the above

If in fact they do need to speak to their spouse, they will have to then become a sales-person for your offering and enroll their husband in the value and justify the price.

Do you want to leave them trying to figure this out or would you rather help them have that conversation?   My vote -You will want to prep them on having that conversation.

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