The NEW Lego Movie is out this weekend and it is the only thing my sons are talking about. It excites me to see them excited.

I think as adults we lose this excitement when we get older and lose the grasp of how sweet and innocent our childhood is.

I know my oldest son has been excited since he saw the trailer in the Fall.


Now how much do my guys like legos? Well recently we bought the lego marvel super hero game for ps3. *This is something I couldn’t’ afford to do for them a few years back so even though it is not a ps4 we all really love it. Little known fact, I’ve been playing games since Atari Astroids came out in 2nd grade.

The funny thing is last night we played the lego game and in my 6yr old’s sleep he was talking about batman in the movie and I also dreamed you were all legos. I think Christian was thor, Anthony was the hulk, and Daniel was Captain America.

You know when you think about it, our life is like legos. It comes in many pieces; hope, fear, worry, faith, death, positivity and the list goes on, I am sure you can think of some more.

With a lego set you can create certain, ships, castles, and vehicles. Then you can tear it down and make your own creation.

What is your own creation that you make after you’ve been torn down? What piece do you put in your mind after you’ve had that transfer hang up, had lots of turn downs, nobody is picking up, or maybe even someone here stared at you in a weird way?

The pieces you put together create the set in your mind. I know it’s easier said than done! Why do you think I go to a therapist or have a mentor? We all need help to guide us to the positive set.

Today my challenge to you is to make your creation the best one you can even if the pieces fall apartWRITTEN BY frazierhughes.com.

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