The Volkswagen Routan Isn’t Made By Volkswagen

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I am in Car Sales. Many consumers don’t know that Car Companies have other Car Companies make cars for them.  For example, did  you know The Pontiac Vibe is actually a Toyota Matrix?

2009 Pontiac Vibe photographed at the 2009 Was...
Image via Wikipedia

Well here’s another one for you…  Did you know the Volkswage Routan is actually a Chrysler Product?

Here is what Motor Trend has to say:
Produced on the same platform as the beloved T&C, the Routan shares the Chrysler’s engine and transmission, but body panels, interior trimmings, and suspension tuning have all been engineered by Volkswagen to provide a little Teutonic refinement. To that end, the Routan looks a little sharper and rides a little sportier than the Chrysler. Interior materials are a notch above Detroit‘s minivan, and the Routan offers a hint more engagement to its driving dynamics.

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