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Celebs Die In 3’s: Actor Dennis Hopper has died, his family confirmed Saturday.

Dennis Hopper

Dennis HopperBorn: 17-May1936
Birthplace: Dodge City, KS

Gender: Male
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Actor
Party Affiliation: See Note

Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Apocalypse Now

Father: Jay M. Hopper
Mother: Marjorie Hopper
Wife: Brooke Hayward (socialite, m. 1961, div. 1969)
Wife: Michelle Phillips (singer, m. 1970, div. 8 days later)
Wife: Daria Halprin (m. 1972, div. 1976)
Wife: Katherine LaNasa (m. Jun-1989, div.)
Wife: Victoria Cane Duffy (m. 13-Apr-1996, sep. Jan-2010)
Daughter: Galen (b. 2003)
Slept with: Natalie Wood
Slept with: Joan Collins
Slept with: Ursula Andress

High School: Helix High School, La Mesa, CA (1954)

Endorsement of Ford Motors
Endorsement of Gap (2002)
Endorsement of Nike (1994-95)
Straight Talk America
Hollywood Walk of Fame 6712 Hollywood Blvd. (26-Mar-2010)
Reckless Driving Taos, NM (1975)
Leaving the Scene of an Accident Taos, NM (1975)
Evading Arrest Taos, NM (1975)
Drug Possession: Marijuana Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Oct-1999)
Defamation according to lawsuit filed by Rip Torn (1998)
Risk Factors: MarijuanaLSDProstate Cancer

E-Ring Col. Eli McNulty (2005-06)

Chasers (22-Apr-1994)
The Hot Spot (8-Sep-1990)
Catchfire (3-Apr-1990)
Colors (15-Apr-1988)
Out of the Blue (15-Apr-1981)
The Last Movie (29-Sep-1971)
Easy Rider (14-Jul-1969)

An American Carol (3-Oct-2008)
Palermo Shooting (24-May-2008)
Swing Vote (20-May-2008)
Elegy (10-Feb-2008)
Sleepwalking (22-Jan-2008)
Hell Ride (21-Jan-2008)
Memory (27-Dec-2006)
10th & Wolf (21-Apr-2006)
Land of the Dead (18-Jun-2005)
The Crow 4: Wicked Prayer (13-May-2005)
Inside Deep Throat (11-Feb-2005) Narrator [VOICE]
Americano (7-Jan-2005)
Hoboken Hollow (2005)
Tell Them Who You Are (11-Sep-2004) Himself
The Last Ride (2-Jun-2004)
House of 9 (20-May-2004)
Out of Season (20-May-2004)
The Keeper (2004)
The Night We Called It a Day (16-May-2003)
A Decade Under the Influence (19-Jan-2003) Himself
The Piano Player (6-Oct-2002)
Leo (11-Sep-2002)
Firestarter 2: Rekindled (10-Mar-2002)
Unspeakable (2002)
Knockaround Guys (30-Nov-2001)
Choke (14-Aug-2001)
Ticker (23-Jun-2001)
Held for Ransom (14-Nov-2000)
Welcome to Hollywood (27-Oct-2000) Himself
Jason and the Argonauts (7-May-2000)
Luck of the Draw (6-Apr-2000)
The Spreading Ground (2000)
Jesus’ Son (5-Sep-1999)
Straight Shooter (15-Apr-1999)
Ed TV (26-Mar-1999)
The Source (23-Jan-1999)
The Prophet’s Game (1999)
Lured Innocence (1999)
Meet the Deedles (27-Mar-1998)
Tycus (1998)
Michael Angel (1998)
Road Ends (7-Oct-1997)
The Blackout (11-Jun-1997)
The Last Days of Frankie the Fly (15-Jan-1997)
Top of the World (1997)
Samson and Delilah (8-Dec-1996)
Basquiat (9-Aug-1996)
Carried Away (29-Mar-1996)
Space Truckers (Mar-1996)
Cannes Man (1996) Himself
Waterworld (28-Jul-1995)
Search and Destroy (28-Apr-1995)
Witch Hunt (10-Dec-1994)
Speed (10-Jun-1994)
Chasers (22-Apr-1994)
True Romance (10-Sep-1993)
Red Rock West (16-Jun-1993)
Super Mario Bros. (28-May-1993)
Boiling Point (16-Apr-1993)
The Heart of Justice (20-Feb-1993)
Eye of the Storm (3-Oct-1991)
The Indian Runner (7-Sep-1991)
Doublecrossed (20-Jul-1991)
Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse (May-1991) Himself
Paris Trout (20-Apr-1991)
Catchfire (3-Apr-1990)
Flashback (2-Feb-1990)
Chattahoochee (16-Sep-1989)
Blood Red (18-Aug-1989)
The Pick-up Artist (18-Sep-1987)
O.C. and Stiggs (10-Jul-1987)
Straight To Hell (26-Jun-1987)
Black Widow (6-Feb-1987)
Hoosiers (14-Nov-1986)
Blue Velvet (19-Sep-1986)
River’s Edge (10-Sep-1986)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (22-Aug-1986)
Riders of the Storm (1986)
My Science Project (1-Aug-1985)
Rumble Fish (21-Oct-1983)
The Osterman Weekend (14-Oct-1983)
Neil Young: Human Highway (1982)
Out of the Blue (15-Apr-1981)
Wild Times (24-Jan-1980)
Apocalypse Now (15-Aug-1979)
The American Friend (24-Jun-1977)
Mad Dog Morgan (9-Jul-1976)
Kid Blue (29-Sep-1973)
The Last Movie (29-Sep-1971)
Easy Rider (14-Jul-1969)
True Grit (11-Jun-1969)
Hang ‘Em High (31-Jul-1968)
Cool Hand Luke (1-Nov-1967)
The Trip (23-Aug-1967)
Queen of Blood (Mar-1966)
The Sons of Katie Elder (1-Jul-1965)
Night Tide (1961)
The Story of Mankind (8-Nov-1957)
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (30-May-1957)
Giant (10-Oct-1956)
I Died a Thousand Times (9-Nov-1955)
Rebel Without a Cause (27-Oct-1955)

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