Hughes It or Lose It? In [HD]

Two New Hughes it or Lose Its….
Okay, you buy some clothing and you wear it. For some reason (maybe you need the money or don’t like it) do you still return it to the store? Or do you feel guilty and keep it? Hughes it (you take it back) Or Lose it (you keep it) with TV, Voiceover, and Radio Personality


Season’s Greetings!
Voiceovers, TV, Hughes News

SINCE 1996
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One Reply to “Hughes It or Lose It? In [HD]”

  1. Hey Frazier,

    You’re a natural. The Sham WOW! guy better watch out! With the unfortunate demise of Billy Whatshisname, Oxyclean is looking for a new pitch man. Keep it up, Bill

    Bill Asbell, President
    Virginia Fitness, LLC
    d.b.a. Planet Fitness
    (540) 904-6288


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