Growing Old

Some people are scared to grow old. Here is how to age gracefully. – Hughes it!


Sometimes Gratitude is all you need. – Hughes it

Best Motivational Video Ever

Richie Parker will inspire you and make you feel grateful. – Hughes it

It’s All About Change


Knocked Down But Not Not Knocked Out

Hey, we all get hit in life or blindsided with disappointments. Here is a cool video to encourage you to keep going! *Hughes it.


As some of you know my job is the hiring and training manager for SFI’s call centers in Roanoke Virginia and Johnson City Tennessee. I recently visited The Security Force call center in Raleigh North Carolina and made a video to motivate their employees.

Whether you work in customer service or not I am sure you will say… “Hughes it.”

Killer Quotes

As you know if you follow me on Facebook, I love quotes! I love leadership and motivational quotes the most. And love quotes…

One of my favorite motivators is Anthony Robbins. Check his best quotes in this cool video. – Hughes it or Lose it?