Take a Chance

Risks lead to great rewards.   


  Why do people take selfies? What is the reason behind it? 

Different people have different motivations for taking selfies, and most picture taking of this nature is harmless and meant to share their experience with others.  What’s the real reason? 

Hughes the rest of this article from psychcentral.com

Change Your Thinking




How To Connect With Anyone

I shared this video with my employees. It’s quite beautiful and admit it will work. If you are  dating or married, you may cry or kiss after this. – Hughes it or Lose it?

Stunt Woman’s Secrets To Success

When it comes to being successful this stunt woman gives her secrets to her success.
The first is she loves what she does.

Hughes the video to see the rest and ask yourself if you have these attributes as well.

Never Stop Improving

You know for a long time in my life I thought when you reached a certain age then you knew everything.

Now I’m coming to learn that no matter what your age, being a young child or in your older years there’s plenty of room for growth.

And this is regardless if it has to do with learning a new skill and most importantly growing spiritually.